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Wane Parry (Lead Singer - The Jokers)

"Working with Louie on Video Projects for The Jokers was a total pleasure. Her upbeat character and never ceasing energies made getting the tasks done professionally and as trouble free as possible, an absolute breeze. Her 'can do' attitude was relentless which gave the finished result a totally professional look and feel."


Sarah Louise McNee (Storyboard Artist and Writer)

"Louie is an absolute pleasure to work alongside. Over the past two years we have worked on five creative projects together including four music videos and a staged visual advertisement.


Louie's versatile image combined with her natural talent in music and a great range of knowledge in the arts and entertainment industry meant that we could utilise her skills greatly over a variety of creative projects.

This included styling and on screen makeup, acting, backing vocals, stage and scene design layout as well as timing control and professional visual direction inputs.

This lady is ahead of her time and to have worked with her has been an honour."


Vicky Edwards (Professional Bass Player and Tutor at LMA)

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with Louie.  She is an energetic, dynamic and seriously talented front woman and vocalist.  She always comes into any project with a great attitude and enthusiasm and consistently gives 100% to everything she does.  Louie is an asset to any project that she is involved in and I know that she will go far in this industry.”  


Jodie McNee (Professional Actor)

"Louie is a lovely person and highly skilled. She has a generosity and sensitivity matched with a great work ethic. It was a real pleasure to work with her and I really hope to work with her again on future projects!"


Anthony Russell (Musician, Songwriter and X - Factor Finalist)

"I have had the honour of working with Louie a lot over the past eighteen months. Lou is a 'one off' and has endless knowledge when in front of the camera and behind the scenes. She is a professional in every way and brings a sense of calm to the environment. Louie's presence on set is humbling and her input in our music videos has been huge. All of our team members and cast love working with her."


Peter Eric Lang (Writer and Multimedia Content Creator - The Liverpudlian)

"When I conducted an audio interview with Louie for The Liverpudlian, she was very professional in all aspects. Louie could easily converse and answer any questions thoroughly, with confidence and compliment by an array of knowledge about her influences and aspirations.


From listening to her music and watching her band's music videos, as well as observing the variety of interviews she has done about her work with numerous media organisations, it is clear that she is experienced both in terms of musical talent but also in her ability to convey her passion and promote her work in a genuine, personal and engaging manner."


Nick Kilroe (Professional Drummer and Tutor at LMA)

"Louie is an extremely passionate and talented musician, who is dedicated to her craft and performance. Louie demonstrates fantastic vocal ability and commands a stage and her audience whenever she performs. A real talent!"


Peter Wintersgill (Event Promoter and Guitarist)

"It was a joy working with Louie on my events throughout 2021 and 2022. She is a stellar vocalist that leads all of her musical acts with a sense of dynamism. Her powerful stage presence is unrivalled, yet she is easy going and a true professional off the stage. A pleasure to work with and is destined for a big future in the industry."

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